Saturday, 1 March 2014

My Oscar Predictions

Better late than never, here are my predictions for who will come out on top tomorrow night. 
Last year we had an Oscars event at our Uni house and everybody got a voting sheet to predict who they thought would win. I actually guessed the most correctly and won (which I was extremely smug about), so here's hoping I do as well this year even though I'm not really competing with anybody this time around.
It should go without saying that in quite a few cases these are educated guesses rather than a representation of who I would actually like to win.

2014 Oscar Predictions

                       Best Picture                                               Best Director
                       Probably: 12 Years A Slave                        Probably: Alfonso Cuarón
                       Possibly: Gravity                                         Possibly: Steve McQueen

                       Best Actress                                               Best Actor
                       Probably: Cate Blanchet                             Probably: Matthew McConaughey
                       Possibly: Amy Adams                                Possibly: Chiwetel Ejiofor

                      Best Supporting Actor                              Best Supporting Actress
                      Probably: Jared Leto                                   Probably: Lupita Nyong'o
                      Possibly: Barkhad Abdi                              Possibly: Jennifer Lawrence

Best Documentary Short          Best Animated Short           Best Live Action Short
Probably: The Lady in No. 6      Probably: Get a Horse          Probably: The Voorman Problem
Possibly: Facing Fear                  Possibly: Mr. Hublot            Possibly: Just Before Losing Everything

Best Foreign Language Film         Best Animated Feature               Best Documentary Feature
Probably: The Great Beauty             Probably: Frozen                         Probably: The Act of Killing
Possibly: The Hunt                           Possibly: The Wind Rises            Possibly: 20 Feet From Stardom

                         Best Cinematography                             Best Original Screenplay
                         Probably: Gravity                                     Probably: American Hustle
                         Possibly: 12 Years A Slave                      Possibly: Dallas Buyers Club

                         Best Editing                                             Best Adapted Screenplay
                         Probably: Captain Phillips                        Probably: 12 Years A Slave
                         Possibly: Gravity                                      Possibly: Philomena

                          Best Costume Design                           Best Production Design          
                          Probably: The Great Gatsby                  Probably: The Great Gatsby              
                          Possibly: American Hustle                     Possibly: 12 Years A Slave

                          Best Hair and Make-Up                      Best Visual Effects
                          Probably: Dallas Buyers Club               Probably: Gravity
                          Possibly: The Lone Ranger                   Possibly: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

                          Best Original Score                              Best Sound Editing
                          Probably: Gravity                                  Probably: Captain Phillips
                          Possibly: Her                                         Possibly: Gravity

                          Best Original Song                              Best Sound Mixing
                          Probably: Let It Go (Frozen)                 Probably: Gravity
                          Possibly: The Moon Song (Her)            Possibly: Captain Phillips

I hope everyone enjoys the night, however you're spending it. I'll hopefully have a post up on Monday or Tuesday with my reactions to the winners and losers.
I'll also be live tweeting through the show, you can find my Twitter here if you want to keep up with my reactions during the event that way.

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