Friday, 31 January 2014

Ghostface and the Last Supper

- So Maleficent got yet another new trailer that showcased Lana Del Rey's beautiful version of Once Upon A Dream. It's perfect and I love it. I fell asleep on Monday with it playing on repeat and when I woke up I'd listened to it 123 times, so I may have been hypnotised into loving it.
- Empire's new issue has 25 different covers showcasing the whole cast of Days of Future Past, and they look terrible. Whoever designed these really needs to resign because some of these are seriously the ugliest costumes I've seen. They're worse than the Bat-nipple fiasco.
- I mean look at Evan Peters. What is that?!
- American Horror Story's third season finished this week. It was my favourite season so far and the finale did not disappoint. It actually reminded me of the Buffy finale, which was nice.
- People on Tumblr have noticed how the dresses that the actresses wore for the Emmy's indicated their fates in the show, which was brilliant.
- Rumours for season four have been floating around recently and suggesting that there may be a 1950's  Circus setting. I absolutely love that idea, if only because I'm actually pretty scared of the Circus and clowns in particular, so it would surely be the scariest season so far for me.
- I'm still no closer to working my way through the Oscar nominees so February's going to be a busy month.

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Black and Green

- So this week I finally started watching Breaking Bad, I've already made my way through Season 1 and I'm loving it.
- The second trailer for Maleficent got released, and my fears that the fairies would become little CGI creations has happened. I hope that they spend the majority of the film normal sized because this one already looks like it's going to have to much CGI.
- Joe Wright's Captain Hook origin film Pan has got Garrett Hedlund in the lead role. Peter Pan's my favourite children's story // Disney film, and I've never been sold on any live action versions but having an actor that I actually quite like as Hook is a promising start.
- Lily Rabe smacking the sh*t out of Emma Roberts in American Horror Story this week is my favourite January moment by far. It also slightly makes up for how completely awful Glee has been this season, so thank you Ryan Murphy.
- Speaking of Glee, I've seen a few photo's getting tweeted showing that Chace Crawford is going to turn up soon, and Kristen Chenoweth and Gwyneth Paltrow are returning. I really hope having some good support characters will make the show bait more bearable. Although if the writing continues to stay as bad as it has been it's going to be really hard to hold out for the last season.
- As well as Justin Bieber getting acknowledged as the douche that he is in a courtroom, this happened. You can't unsee something like that.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014


2009's District 9 was one of the most exciting directorial debut's of not just the Science Fiction genre, but of any. Director Neill Blomkamp masterfully crafted a unique and entertaining action film that was also loaded with an astute social and political commentary. That the director set such a strong standard for himself makes his problematic follow up film, Elysium, all the more disappointing.

Neill Blomkamp // 2013 // 109 mins

Friday, 17 January 2014

Thoughts On Them Nominees

So the nominees for this years Oscars got announced yesterday and brought with them the usual mix of surprises and WTF moments. I've still got to work my way through a lot of the nominated films but here are a few of my initial thoughts:

- I obviously missed something when I watched American Hustle. It was good but nowhere near deserving of all this praise.
- The fact that it's up for Best Editing is a joke, the pacing was all off and left it feeling very sluggish.
- While J-Law was entertaining in it, if she wins this award I'm going to smack someone. Yeah, she's talented but I'm getting tired of the boner everyone is carrying for her.
- Even though I haven't seen it, I'm shocked by the lack of attention Inside Llewyn Davis is getting.
- Just as neglected is Before Midnight, which kills me inside.
- Lana Del Rey not getting a nomination for Original Song is a travesty.
- Sally Hawkins up for Supporting Actress is awesome, and very well deserved.
- Bradley Cooper over Jeremy Renner for supporting actor just pisses me off.
- I love that Jonah Hill got himself a nomination, and I love how pissed off people are getting even more.

I'll be putting up an Oscars page soon which I'll update with my predictions for the winners as I see more of the films. Last year I did pretty well so hopefully I do again.

Let me know what you think of the nominations, if you share my opinions or disagree.

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Thursday, 16 January 2014


2012 saw the release of Disney's reinterpretation of the story of Rapunzel. Tangled signalled the company's departure from the traditional hand-drawn animation upon which it was founded and into a new, entirely CGI style. I was among those who found this transition jarring, and when I finally got around to watching Tangled the goofy looking characters and uninspiring musical numbers failed to win me over. This was not the Disney I had grown up with. When I saw the trailer for Frozen it seemed that the film was going to match my incredibly low expectations, and I had actually planned to post quite a scathing trailer post on how this film looked to be Disney completely giving up on making films of the high quality they once were. Thankfully I never got around to finishing that trailer post, because after seeing the finished film I am happy to say that I was very, very wrong about this one.