Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The June 100 ...or What I Watched in June '13

Any regular readers will notice that I've been missing from here for an entire month, which was due to a number of things. First of all I moved out of my Uni house, which was a very long process which involved numerous 100 mile trips between Uni in Lancashire and my home in Shropshire. Then there is the fact that immediately after moving home I worked a total of 114.5 hours over 14 days and on top of this I took on a challenge set by Letterboxd community member Cinebro, The June 100.

The June 100 was a challenge to watch 100 films over the thirty days of June, with only two rules: none of the films could be re-watches and each film had to be over an hour in length. I won't lie, continuing this challenge after taking on so many shifts at work left me a little exhausted, but on Sunday the 30th I completed the challenge with 22 minutes of June remaining.

Here's my breakdown of this mammoth month of films.