Friday, 7 March 2014

Hung Up On DeHaan

- I've been really bad with my film watching recently. We've been in March for a full week and I've only watched one film.
- That film was Kill Your Darlings and I've been on a come-down for quite a while after seeing Dane DeHaan gay it up. I'm legitimately in love with him. He could play the biggest maniac//sociopath and I'd still go there. TBH all he seems to play is maniacs and sociopath's so yeah, I'd still go there.
- In more Dane-related news, I stumbled onto some pictures of him on the set of Life, where he's playing fellow babe James Dean. I've not been overly convinced by this casting, he could clearly act the shit out of playing James Dean but I'm not sure he can look like him.
- He looks great here though. Still not overly Jimmy D-like, but better than I expected. 

 photo tumblr_n1xatiwToR1sgkt5ro2_500.gif
(Finger-sucking scene from Kill Your Darlings that actually almost killed me)

- The new Annie adaptation has a trailer and it looks terrible. 
- My expectations were low but it didn't even meet those. Quvenzhan√© doesn't look to be bringing any of that wonderful charm she had in Beasts of the Southern Wild and they've clearly made an effort to make the songs sound contemporary, but they sound like crappy covers.
-And seriously, Cameron Diaz looks terrible. I didn't understand that casting in the first place but she's just giving too much camp//OTT ridiculousness in this trailer. It's cringeworthy. 
- A much better trailer came in the form of the new Arkham Knight announcement. 
- I know it's not film related, but I'm crazy for this franchise and this trailer is fantastic and has got me so amped for the new game. I'm going to have to give in and buy a PS4 so I can get this. 

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  1. Holy shit that Batman trailer was insane.