Friday, 28 February 2014

Gremlins and Other Worlds

I'm going to see Bastille in Manchester tonight!!!
(I'm very excited!)

- Did everybody see my boyf on the cover of Empire this week?! This is seriously one of the best covers that magazine has ever had and it's all for my most anticipated film of the summer.
- Speaking of the giant-radioactive beastie, he got an incredible new trailer. The voice-over dialogue from Bryan Cranston is just incredible and is making me so so so excited for this to come out. Plus, we get a good ol' look at his mug at the end of the trailer and he's looking awesome! May cannot come soon enough.
- The trailer has also managed to become the subject of my absolute favourite cross-over photo set on Tumblr right now. This shit is hilarious and brilliant.
- I'm now on season 4 of Breaking Bad, I'm absolutely hooked and getting anxious that there's not actually much left before I've finished it for good.
- I've finally watched every film up for Best Picture on Sunday. It's taken me far too long to get around to it, and I'm worried I won't have chance to get them all reviewed before I start forgetting everything I want to say about each of them, but I've at least seen them all.
- Lupita absolutely killed me in 12 Years A Slave. If JLaw wins over her for Supporting Actress I'm going to rage.

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  1. I'm going to have to watch the original Godzilla pretty soon. I've never seen it, but I know some consider it a must see. I attempt at watching at least one Criterion a month. The trailer for the reboot looks great.
    I've only seen the last episode to Breaking Bad, ahha. I watched it when everyone else did.

    1. Godzilla really is a must-see, it's dated but a lot of fun! I first watched it while I was studying Japanese cinema too so a lot of my love for it came from the cultural history surrounding it. The remake looks fantastic and I hope it lives up to my expectations.

      I did such a good job of avoiding spoilers when that last episode aired, but now that I'm watching it I see them everywhere so I'm having to get through the whole show as quick as I can. I definitely recommend it, so well made!