Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Starting Twenty-Thirteen

So here I am, trying to make my way back into a consistent blogging routine. 

A beastly burger and dessert in a plant pot.
Since my last proper blog back at Halloween, I have sat an exam, handed in a load of essays and finished the first semester of my final year at Uni. A scary situation which was seen off by some great visits to the cinema, and an amazing meal at a cocktail bar in town. 

Anyone who has seen my Letterboxd recently will know that I've also been watching a considerable number of films over the past few months, more than I imagine I ever have in such a short space of time. Although writing full reviews of these films is a laborious task I'm hoping I'll be able to get enough posted to keep this blog from slipping completely into place to just ramble about my life.

I've had a lovely Christmas at home with the family, and treated myself to loads of goodies that I'm sure will eventually be featured on here. I then turned 22, which seems a little surreal to be honest, I'm sure the old age will begin to kick in soon enough. New Years was a little more dramatic, after a quiet Eve with the family, I burnt my hand quite badly on a heated plate on New Years Day. I felt incredibly stupid and the blisters on my fingers made essay writing a complete terror, but they're now almost fully healed thankfully. It's typical of me to get my first serious injury of the year before the first day of it was over.

My most achievable resolution for the year is to keep this blog constantly updated and I intend to make it a priority. Here's to an exciting and hopefully fun-filled 2013. I survived the supposed end of the world, so I'm gonna make this next year great.

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