Thursday, 24 January 2013

Snow and a Show

So all the snow that I wanted to cover Christmas finally arrived.

It scares me that I've now reached the age where as soon as snow begins to fall my first thought is that it's going to be a buggar to drive anywhere, I miss the days when me and my cousins would be sat with the radio on listening to see if our school was on the list of ones closing for the day. It very rarely was.

Fortunately this bout of snow only came with one arse-under-heels pratfall and a limited loss of control when driving over ice. By the time it came to drive back to uni on Monday the majority had melted away.

I officially started my second semester of year 3 and got some of last semesters work back with really pleasing results. I braved the icy streets of Ormskirk in my comfies for a pyjama and onsie party, complete with a pillow which also contained three bottles of alcohol. Then last night myself and Leigh-Anne of Violence & Fashion had ourselves a joint birthday party-of-two event watching the incredible Paloma Faith in Manchester.

Have you been enjoying the snow // got any ice related horror stories?

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