Friday, 18 January 2013

Waffle Bowls and Lego

On monday I start the last semester of my final year at uni. I've been trying to let that sink in but it's not a nice thought at all.
I've spent this past week enjoying some freedom by watching tons of films and catching up with some TV. Pretty soon I need to try and get back into a regular routine of reading for my course and dissertation work, which will be all kinds of fun :/

It scares me that January is already over half way through.
How's 2013 been treating you?


  1. Well you're right, we are almost at the end of January for true. Life passes us by in an instant. You've had your fun, so make sure you knuckle down to sort the education bit out, jobs are hard enough to find as it is.
    My first time here, so what are you hoping to achieve after Uni then? What's your goal?

    1. Welcome to my blog! Thankyou for checking it out!

      I certainly am trying to get on with the hard education-y stuff now, and am currently looking into carrying on with a masters degree in Popular Culture after I finish. My goal being to end up somewhere in the film journalism business.
      Hopefully I'll see you around here again.