Friday, 1 March 2013

What I Watched in February '13

So here is (pretty much) everything I watched film-wise this month. Not at much as January but still a pretty decent number, 38 altogether, considering I've used February to visit London for three days, finally watch the entire last season of Gossip Girl and try and get some serious Uni work sorted. This bunch includes mostly Oscar nominees that I had to get watched before the event, as well as a documentary for class and the bunch of Ann Arbor short films I mentioned in a previous post.

2 of these films were re-watches.
36 weren't.
7 were foreign language.
film gained a star to it's rating after a re-watch
3 received a 5-star rating.
4 received a 1-star rating.

Best Film of the month: Amour
Worst Film of the month: Bel Ami
Most Surprising: Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father
Most Disappointing: Hitchcock

Best part of a terrible film: The Double-Taking Pidgeon (Moonraker)
Worst part of a great film: Ben Affleck's Acting (Argo)
Most likely to be watched again next month: Argo

Let me know what the best and worst things are you've watched this month and be sure to leave me recommendations for March!


  1. I'd love to watch films with you guys! xx

    1. Anastasia you can!! We will have you over sometime when we have our lives in order haha =p xxx

    2. Yes! We watch sooo many, you'll have to come over at some point! :) xx