Friday, 8 March 2013

A Polar Bear and Bubblegum

I've been noticing some recurring trends in my pins this week, so I ask you to excuse the shameless colour coordinated-ness of this Pinterest post. I promise it won't be a regular thing, I just couldn't resist.

I've had quite a bizarre week, which started with finding out that my cousin and her boyfriend had finally had their baby, a little boy called Frankie-Jay who is gorgeous and I will hopefully get to meet very soon. When I got back to my uni house I found out that I'd forgotten my phone charger and being a snobby iPhone 5 owner there was no one that I could borrow a charger from and so had to buy a spare, which luckily didn't set me back too much. Then on Tuesday I went with Rosie and our housemate Megan to see a production of The Phantom of the Opera and the Liverpool Empire for Megan's birthday, which was amazing in spite of a lacklustre chandelier. The rest of the week consisted of lunch with my old housemates, an all-nighter to finish an assignment, the resultant droopy eyed-ness in the following 9am lecture and a 5 hour session on the new Tomb Raider game as a reward for getting it done.

Today I had the realisation that after handing in my next assignment on Monday, I have no more due until after my Easter holiday, so I can pace myself for the next few weeks after the mad panic that has been this week. That also means that I should hopefully have quite a bit more time to dedicate to this blog, and I have lots of good stuff planned.

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