Saturday, 2 March 2013

Marshmallows and Grace

In order to get my February Film Recap out before we were any further into March I pushed my weekly Pinterest post back a day.

Getting a week away from classes for Reading week allowed me a much needed break from my usual surroundings, and I ventured down to London with Rosita for a three day escape. Firstly I did get some reading done, so the point of my week off wasn't completely wasted on me, but I also got to see some good friends, eat great food, view exhibitions and much more (which will all appear in a post this coming week). 

Before the trip we had our Oscars party which was great fun. I actually won our competition to guess the most winners and got myself some money from it. I was extremely surprised, but happy, to win and thoroughly enjoyed watching the event with some great friends. The only bad point of the party was the social media lockdown we all had to endure in order to not have the winners spoiled for us, but it was well worth the mind-numbing torture that apparently comes with not checking Twitter every five minutes. 

This is probably as good a time as any to welcome in March, and hope for an equally eventful third month of 2013. 

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