Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Film Listography: A Life in Movie Lists

A few months ago I stumbled upon the book Listography: Your Life in Lists by Lisa Nola in Urban Outfitters and after flicking through the compilation of lists to fill out I decided that I would one day buy it. Fast forward to a recent trip to Manchester's Trafford Centre, where me and my friends Leigh-Anne and Rosita found a more specialised edition of that Listography book, one focusing on films. Needless to say I didn't walk away from Waterstones planning to one day buy that book. No, I walked out with a plastic bag swinging at my side.

Film Listography: A Life in Movie Lists is a collection of 71 film-related lists to fill out with an additional 11 blank lists for you to customise yourself. The topics range from the usual Favourite Films, Directors and Actors to the much more specific 'film characters that remind you of someone you know', 'unforgettable death scenes' and 'quotes you'll never forget'. Each List contains 20 lines, but I plan on using my neatest, smallest handwriting to allow room at least double that as I continue to broaden my film catalogue.

As an ongoing series on this blog I plan on filling out these lists publicly on here. For every list that I begin I will create post on here explaining why certain films were chosen and why others weren't. I have decided, as I am nowhere near having watched enough films to finitely complete each list, that I will for now limit each list to ten entries. This will allow each one to grow as I continue to watch films daily. The lists will also be updated on the Lists Page of my Letterboxd account.

I plan on uploading my first List later today, and encourage anyone reading this to seek out Film Listography, or any of Lisa Nola's other books as they really are a great purchase.

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