Friday, 15 February 2013

Diamonds and Clipboards

Busy week to the extreme!

On my journey back to Uni this week I got caught up against a wall of heavy snow that decided to fall ten minutes before I left. Fortunately the weather was being a lot kinder up north and halfway through my journey I found myself in the safety of clear skies.

As well as my usual week full of lectures, seminars and required readings and screenings I've been to see two live productions this week. On Wednesday evening I saw a production of Jane Eyre by the Hull Truck Theatre Company that was held at my Uni. Then on Thursday a huge group of us went to see the 40th Anniversary Tour of The Rocky Horror Show at the Empire in Liverpool for a friends Birthday. Both were really enjoyable, particularly Rocky Horror as we all got dressed up (pictures will be up soon) and made this week great!

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