Friday, 29 June 2012

Two Updates and a Shedload of Plans

I've been a bit slow on the blogging front recently. I've taken a load of shifts at work to try and build up the piggy bank for New York, and I've also been generally trying to organise my life and continue writing reviews to post here. I also got a haircut!

I want to point out two features I've added to the site recently, the first being the star rating system I finally made, which is now in the right hand bar. Eventually I will write a post which goes into detail about the ratings and how I distinguish between them, but that's not at the top of my priority list just yet. I've also added a reviews index page, which I am extremely happy with. As I'm sure you'll notice there is a considerable amount of films in the index which I haven't reviewed yet, but they will all come along in good time! Basically every time I watch a film I will add it to the list as a motivation to review it and hopefully at some point in the near future the number of reviewed films in that list will outweigh the ones yet to be done. In the 27 (gasp) days that this blog has been functional I've posted seven film reviews, so I'm hopeful that the odds to get through that mammoth list of films, which currently stands at 43, are in my favour. Fingers crossed.

In other news, next week I will head back to Ormskirk for a week to begin the move from my current house to my one for next year. I'm extremely fortunate to have my current house til the end of August, which means I can move at my own pace rather than having a huge rush in a single day. This week will also feature birthday celebrations for Rosie, who is about to join me in the ranks of the 21 year olds, as well as my chance to finally see The Amazing Spider-Man, which I have been desperately awaiting for sooo long now.

I'm in the process of playing with Polyvore some more so I can try and flesh this blog out with more than just film reveiws. This time around is not so much clothes I want to buy, but more just playing around with making outfits inspired by different themes. It's actually a lot of fun, but with work commitments I don't have mass amounts of time to spend doing it, so you'll just have to watch this space.

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