Monday, 11 June 2012

Start Spreading the News...

For around three years now I've had a hit list of places I need to visit, consisting of Paris, Barcelona, Venice, New York and Berlin. I am very happy to tell you that one of those locations is about to get crossed off of the list. This August I will be headed to New York City with the lovely Rosita Langley, for ten days of pure unadulterated tourism.

I'm genuinely shocked that possibly the biggest name on that list is the first to be ticked off, but I couldn't be more excited. New York is the setting of so many films and TV shows I adore, so naturally the list of places we're going to visit is steadily growing longer and longer. Here is a run-down of the things I'm most excited to do. These aren't necessarily huge must-see locations like the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, but they're the things I can't wait to do when I get there.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's
A cliche, but a given. I may substitute the bagel for a croissant and the coffee for a hot chocolate, but I will be spending at least one morning outside the infamous store eating breakfast and channeling my inner kept-woman.  It's one of my all-time favourite films and I cannot wait to live it out.
2. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
This is a fairly simple one. THE bridge. It's a focal point of the city, and will be a focal point of one day in our trip. Walking across that beast will be such a surreal experience I'm sure, but I'm very excited to do it.
3. A Day in Central Park
One entire day spent in Central Park, where we just soak in our surroundings and enjoy one of the most famous parks in the world. Its big enough that we won't get bored, and in this city there will no doubt be ample opportunity for some good old fashioned people watching. Secretly have my fingers crossed Autumn will come early so I can enjoy the orangey browns, a la When Harry Met Sally.

4. One Night. No Sleep
Again with the simple goals. We will be in 'the city that never sleeps', so it stands to reason we should take on the challenge. One whole night where we don't sleep, don't go back to the hotel, and see as much of the cities nightlife as two people can. Alcohol may make an appearance.
5. Lunch on the Met Steps
Gossip Girl. Anyone who has watched it will understand this one. I was a late bloomer with GG, in fact it was Rosie who first convinced me to give it a watch in our first year of Uni. Needless to say I absolutely adore the show, and lunch on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must-do, along with actually going inside the museum, obviously. I fully intend to Blair Waldorf those steps. 

Of course this list is nowhere near exhaustive, the absence of Broadway alone will send off some alarm bells, but these five things will undoubtedly enrich the holiday in so many ways. I could not be more excited. Any suggestions for other things to do are welcome!

Check out Rosie's blog here.

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  1. Ahhhhh I'm so excited! =D We should go to Barcelona next year... just saying! X