Friday, 1 August 2014

Masks and Headlines

So I haven't posted for a little while because I've not actually been watching many films recently. I've mainly been working and binging on Teen Wolf. For some reason I decided to watch all three seasons of the show over two weeks and instead of the slew of other 'better' TV I currently have on my watchlist. I started watching it mainly for the hot guys, but it's actually kind of great and I really enjoy al lot of the characters and storylines. But onto more movie-related news.

- The first glimpse of Into the Woods finally arrived. I like the trailer itself and how they're still keeping so much of it under wraps, but I can't say I think it looks as good as I hoped. I also would have liked to hear a bit more of the actual songs, which I love.
- The fleeting glimpse of Johnny Depp as the Wolf has me the most worried. I'm so tired of his eccentric schtick, and I really hope he doesn't half-ass this performance like he has been for the last few years. He also looks completely CGI'd which I don't like the idea of.

- The Mad Max: Fury Road trailer is is gorgeous! This film really wasn't on my radar at all but it looks to be a beautiful film at the very least. Hopefully it's also good because theres some great talent involved.
- The trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey confirmed that the film was not a mass hallucination and is indeed happening. While I have zero interest in the film outside of Jamie Dornan potentially being naked for the majority of a film, the trailer is well made. I love the version of Crazy in Love that plays over it. I just can't get used to beardless Jamie, or the idea of this film actually being real.
- Birdman looks fantastic, Mockingjay Part 1 looks ok, Horns looks promising.

- I'm still working my way through finishing my reviews for every film I watched during the June 100, I just had a bit of writers block while doing them in order so I'm now doing whichever review I feel like at a time and will post them as and when each set of five is finished.
- I rewatched Under the Skin and loved it just as much. I'm writing my review for it but as it was part of the June 100 it might be a while before it does get posted.

-The SDCC feed all over Tumblr was such a tease, but it was great to see stuff as it was happening as I'm used to just reading recaps once it's over.
- I just want Age of Ultron to arrive now, waiting isn't fair. While there are so many films coming out soon that I want to see AoU just sounds like it's going to be sooo good.

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