Friday, 31 January 2014

Ghostface and the Last Supper

- So Maleficent got yet another new trailer that showcased Lana Del Rey's beautiful version of Once Upon A Dream. It's perfect and I love it. I fell asleep on Monday with it playing on repeat and when I woke up I'd listened to it 123 times, so I may have been hypnotised into loving it.
- Empire's new issue has 25 different covers showcasing the whole cast of Days of Future Past, and they look terrible. Whoever designed these really needs to resign because some of these are seriously the ugliest costumes I've seen. They're worse than the Bat-nipple fiasco.
- I mean look at Evan Peters. What is that?!
- American Horror Story's third season finished this week. It was my favourite season so far and the finale did not disappoint. It actually reminded me of the Buffy finale, which was nice.
- People on Tumblr have noticed how the dresses that the actresses wore for the Emmy's indicated their fates in the show, which was brilliant.
- Rumours for season four have been floating around recently and suggesting that there may be a 1950's  Circus setting. I absolutely love that idea, if only because I'm actually pretty scared of the Circus and clowns in particular, so it would surely be the scariest season so far for me.
- I'm still no closer to working my way through the Oscar nominees so February's going to be a busy month.

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  1. It's not going to be a circus setting. Ryan Murphy confirmed it. He said it's way off. He mentioned Jessica Lange is working on a German accent.

    1. That's kind of disappointing to hear, I thought that that concept had a lot of potential.

      I've also seen the idea of a cabaret setting being thrown around based on the Liza Minelli nod in the finale. I hope we get an announcement soon though.

    2. Murphy is a liar so I wouldn't believe a word he says. He lied several times during this season.