Sunday, 1 December 2013

The 100

For the last two-or-so months I've been flirting with the idea of putting together a top 100 list. I'd attempted this in the past and failed each time but after spending some time recently talking on here about some of my favourite films I felt that the blog would benefit from having a permanent list, and so this week I have spent most of my time out of work putting one together.

I present, The 100.

I have to stress that this is in no way definitive, each day that I spent working on this list a number of the entries lost and regained their places and it is partly due to this that I also decided not to try and order them. All of the films chosen are personal favourites or films that made me fall in love with cinema, but with every new film I watch there is obviously a chance that a new film could earn a spot. If I do alter the list at any point I will address the changes in my weekly pins post.

I would never attempt to create a list of the best films made, simply because I have not seen every film ever made. This list is just a collection of some of my favourites with an obvious bit of quality control applied as well. There are countless films that I still wish were in there (no films by the Coen's made the cut for example, simply because I haven't seen them recently enough to weigh them up against the others, and I struggled to choose many of Wes Anderson's films over one another) but for now, this is my 100.

As I love all of these films I'm always up for talking about them so be sure to comment here or on the list's page to let me know whether you agree with my choices, disagree with them, or even hate them.

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