Sunday, 6 October 2013

30 Days of Horror | Day 6

Doesn't Seem To Scare Others As Much As It Scares You
The Strangers

I don't think that there is a much better way to illustrate how rarely a film genuinely scares me than to point out that this is the third film in six posts to have also featured in last years Films That Scare Me post, which is even more significant when you realise that two of the other three posts in this challenge weren't about scary films. 

The Strangers doesn't really get that much attention or praise too often. I'm sure the fact that it is just another home-invasion horror that abuses the 'based on true events' claim does't help, but it's one of my favourite contemporary horror films. The plot treads very familiar territory but the execution is far better than the countless similar films that are produced every year.

Usually in order to get the attention of a knife-wielding, masked maniac one would have to invade the homeland of said maniac, or have some distant connection that would cause them to take out their vengeance on you. Here the central couple have made no such missteps, they are being terrorised simply for being home. The masked figures are some of the most dehumanised foes I've seen on film, with their nonchalant attitude to causing so much pain. Wisely when they trio do eventually remove their masks their faces are kept out of frame. These are regular people that decided to do something horrifying. They could be anybody, as could their victims, and that is what makes this film so frightening.

The extended version of the film on the DVD is my preferred version, it contains a handful more of great scares and feels like a more complete version. This film also gains me respect for containing one of the most chilling silent scares I've ever seen. Jump scares and loud noises are such a commonplace aspect of horror that it is refreshing to see a director create a scare with just as much impact, but no loud noises.


  1. This is honestly one of my most favorite horror movies. I'm usually alone when defending it.

    1. It's a lot more impressive that it gets credit for. I'm glad you liked it too, it's always nice to find more people who enjoyed it.

  2. I saw this in cinemas when I was in 7th Grade. To this day, I have never been as scared as I was watching The Strangers. The subtlety and suspense to me was just perfection. It's such an underrated film.

    Great review :)

    1. Thankyou! It's awesome to see that people actually appreciate this film.
      I originally saw it in the cinema and loved it, and when I watched the extended version at home and got terrified all over again I knew it had become one of my top horrors.