Saturday, 12 October 2013

30 Days of Horror | Day 12

Plot You Would Least Like To End Up In

**This post is filled to the brim with spoilers. If you have any interest in watching Triangle I recommend watching it before reading this**

So, I now assume anyone reading this has either seen Triangle or does not care if I completely ruin the plot for them, so here goes.

I think that it is safe to say that there are very few horror film plots that anybody would like to take a starring role in. Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Exorcist were all strong contenders, until I remembered Triangle.

This is a film in which Jess, played by Melissa George, climbs aboard a mysterious ship after the yacht that she and some friends were sailing on got destroyed in a storm. The group explore the ship and begin getting attacked by a masked figure. As the last survivor, Jess manages to overpower the assailant and pushes them overboard, only to see another Jess and her friends climbing aboard the ship once again. As events begin repeating themselves a confused Jess tries to convince her friends that the girl they boarded with is an impostor. The chain of events occurs once again and she finds herself donning the overalls and mask in order to confront her doppelgängers and help her friends get to safety.

Narratively, this film is a surprising puzzle that is always engaging and features some stunning set-pieces, but I'll be damned if I ever want to find myself in it. The continuous cycle of events that Jess becomes trapped in would drive anybody insane, and Melissa George gives a tremendous performance, carrying the film with ease. This is a film that I have enjoyed watching many times, and one that I'm sure I will again as each time seems to bring something new, I just never want to consider being caught within its harrowing, unescapable plot.

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