Friday, 12 September 2014

Hooked on Amazing Amy

It's been too long since I last did a weekly round-up post. I have been putting together reviews and other posts, I've just been struggling with some kind of restless writers bock where I can't spend too long on the same topic. It's extremely frustrating and I'm trying my best to get stuff finished to a decent quality.

- On Monday I bought Gone Girl on a whim after seeing so much hype surrounding the adaptation recently. I got hooked and binged on the novel, finishing it this morning. I absolutely loved it, such a fantastic book.
- It took me a little bit to warm to the ending, but once I did I realised how perfect of an ending it is. I can understand peoples frustrations with the out come but there really wasn't any other way it could have ended.
- I'm really excited to see what David Fincher has done with the story, he's a perfect match for the novel. I was actually under the impression that the film didn't come out until the very end of the year, but when I checked IMDb today I found out that it's less than a month.
- The casting is all pretty perfect and I'm so happy that Rosamund Pike will finally be getting the attention she deserves. She is a perfect, perfect Amy and probably the most exciting element of the film for me.
- It's the first time in a good while that I've read the book before seeing the film and I'm enjoying how excited it has gotten me for the film.

- While I haven't been churning out reviews as quickly as I'd like to, I have been putting together loads of photosets that I post on my Tumblr, so here is where I shamelessly advertise those: you can find them all here.

- With Joan Rivers we lost yet another icon last week. I was such a huge fan of the woman and her comedy. The reaction from many online was pretty disgusting. I don't want to dwell on it too much, but I have to say that I don't really understand how people can so nonchalantly celebrate the death of another human being. Yes, her humour and opinions were controversial but she was hardly the monster she has been painted as by many.

- So I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy this week! It was great and did not dissappoint. I was worried that all the hype would have a negative effect but I was enjoyed every minute of it. And that soundtrack!!
- I actually got a 40% off voucher for all cinema tickets that I can use as often as I like until the 16th of October, so prepare for reviews of actual new releases soon, once I shake this writers block.

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  1. Awesome that you are also waiting for Gone Girl! i hope it's gonna be Rosamund's big break and that she really embodied Amy well.

    1. I'm so hyped up for it! You were actually one of the people that convinced me to buy it after seeing how much you liked it.
      I'm sure she will have nailed it as Amy, I'm happy to see that she's getting lots of attention and awards buzz, it's about time!