Friday, 31 May 2013

What I Watched In May '13

A month of films, of which an unreasonable amount seem to have red-centric posters. If you've been following my monthly recaps since January, you'll notice that May has almost half of my usual viewing figures. This is down to a number of things; writing my last assignments and finishing my third year of uni, taking a 5 night trip to London to visit Rosita while she is on a work placement, and my decision to plough through the first season of Once Upon A Time, one of the many TV shows I intend to catch up with. Nonetheless I managed to get quite a few films watched, and amazingly only one of them was a re-watch. I've also decided to remove the 'Most likely to watch again next month' section of my monthly breakdown because, as far as I can tell, I have never re-watched the films that have received this title the following month.

23 films in total.
1 of these films was a re-watch.
22 weren't.
2 were foreign language.
received a 5-star rating.
3 received a 1-star rating.
was a silent film.

Best (New) Film of the month: Robot & Frank
Worst Film of the month: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Most Surprising: What Richard Did
Most Disappointing: Texas Chainsaw

Best part of a terrible film: Dominic Cooper's face (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)
Worst part of a great film: That it wasn't longer (What Richard Did)

Let me know what the best and worst things are you've watched this month and be sure to leave me recommendations for June!

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