Wednesday, 24 April 2013

My Life This Week.

The last few days have been some of the most surreal that I've experienced in a long time, if ever. Rather than go into anything in too much depth I'll just give you a brief animated tour of the state of my emotions during a period of 62 hours, which contained just under 6 hours of sleep. 

It was something a little like this.

 photo g1365125053619.gif photo tumblr_lr3gl7xuEb1qcc309.gif
 photo default.gif photo tumblr_lxugrhvcPr1r020oy.gif
Efron Cry photo tumblr_m7ff0dRixA1r38rh9.gif

And then something insane happened. Something that looked a little like this...

Yup, thats right. I handed in my dissertation. 55 pages, 10,677 words. Focusing on four films and involving more hours of reading, stressing, procrastinating, panicking, typing, re-reading and re-stressing than I would care to think about. 

Once that beast was bound and posted I spent the remainder of the night a bit like this:

 photo LHCOl.gif photo tumblr_mfe0u845Uk1rfr5k5o1_250.gif

As torturous as it seemed while I was writing it, it has been fun. I've been able to address something I enjoy and feel strongly about. Now that it's out of the way I have maybe a few hours to breathe before I have to crack on with more assignments, but I'm going to make an effort to get some more blogging done as well.

I've got something pretty good planned for the next few days. 


  1. The gifs absolutely cracked me up! So appropriate though! XD xx

  2. Ahah, cheers chuck!! :) x