Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Nightmare on Chapel Street


Did i mention that I love this holiday?

Last Saturday myself and my housemates threw a Halloween party at our house for all of our friends. We (I) got extremely drunk and everyone had a great time. This was my first proper Halloween party and so I was understandably very excited. The build up consisted of buying loads of great decorations and carving six awesome pumpkins (my two can be seen below). 

Everyone made such a huge effort with costumes and I loved getting to celebrate such a fun holiday with a great bunch of people. So this is my way of sharing some of that Halloween fun with you lot, through a collection of pictures collated from mine, Rosie's and our friends Claire's cameras. 

I got my Peter Pan costume from here along with a pair of awesome ear tips that worked extremely well from Ebay.

What are your Halloween plans? 

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