Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn Wishlist

Burgundy Cropped Belted Mac
£70 - 
So I saw this Mac while in Liverpool recently and fell in love with it. I already have two, in grey and navy, but genuinely cant find a reason not to get one in burgundy. It's now completely out of stock online and apparently is not stocked at the store that I saw it in. Hopefully it will be there when I next get a chance to go.

Zara Flame Sweatshirt
£25.99 -
Although I still cannot decide between the black or dark grey on this one, I will eventually be purchasing this 'sweatshirt'. I love the way it hangs and that it's thin and lightweight.  

Zara Leather Gloves With Studs
£25.99 -
I saw these studded gloves from Zara while in New York and desperately wanted them. I checked the UK site and they had them so decided to put them on hold until I got back. A recent re-watch of Drive has only increased my need for them. Who doesn't love a pair of driving gloves?

River Island Boat Plimsolls
£25 -
I love these shoes. They're extremely similar to a pair of loafers I've also been eyeing up on asos, but these would definitely get a lot more use. They're out of stock on asos and there is no sign of them on River Islands website so I'm just desperately hoping they resurface soon.

Red Quilted Patch T-shirt
£18 -
Topshop have turned out a high volume of really nice tees after quite a lull in quality over the past few months. It's been a very long time since I've seen anything I've wanted in their stores but this instantly got my attention. The quilted detailing on the bib looks great in person.

Cream Fairisle Jumper
£38 -
One of the reasons Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year is the clothes. I generally layer up my outfits anyways but its obviously necessary during this time of year. This jumper from Topshop is a great print and will definitely be in my wardrobe in time for winter.

I have a vicious tendency to overspend during the autumn/winter period, especially after the initial arrival of a new student card within my wallet, so there's a high chance that I'll be posting about loads more purchases throughout the next few months.

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