Monday, 27 August 2012

I'm Still Here...

So ten days ago I was on a British Airways flight to Heathrow, returning from New York. I had such a brilliant time in the city, saw some amazing sights and had a number of truly incredible experiences. I fully intend to relay the entire ten day trip back to you all, through numerous blog posts filled with a handful of the 1,000+ photos I took whilst there.

We did slightly overestimate how
much alcohol would be required for
three of us.
Since I've been back in the UK my time has primarily been comprised of overtime at work. Of the ten days I've been back, I have spent seven behind a till, dealing with customers and yawning all the way through. The art of remaining conscious is something I still have to master. I also spent one day with two friends, catching up and having cocktails before they both head off on holiday soon. As a result of this I haven't really had enough time to dedicate to bringing you quality posts, but know that I have a lot in the pipeline for this little blog. I am consistently watching films in my spare time, and continuously putting together my reviews, as well as much much more.

Hopefully as my schedule clears up over the next few weeks I will get a chance to finish up as many of these posts as I can to keep this blog active after a near three week hiatus. The start of my final year at university is also drawing ever closer so be assured you can expect a number of general posts detailing my battles with a dissertation and assignment deadlines. Things are going to get crazy around here very quickly.

Until then,

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